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Daredevil #30

So the itch of a teaser we got in issue 29 of a very special guest star for this issue, is finally scratched.  Oh boy does it feel goooood.  Just as any comic book is elevated by the presence of Daredevil, i think most will agree that the same can be said for our guest star here, the Sentinel of the Spaceways…the Silver Surfer.


This issue is essentially a done-in-one, although there are elements that drive the overarching narrative of this Waid & Samnee run forward.  It opens with what appears to be an alien seeking refuge in Matt Murdoch’s office.  It is only when our cosmic guest shows up in pursuit of said alien, that we see that all is not what it seems.  As writer Mark Waid informs us, this is the closest Daredevil has actually ever been to the Silver Surfer.  So Matt Murdoch lives up to his name as the ‘man with no fear’ when he initiates a throw-down with the Silver Surfer in defence of his staff.

It isn’t long before our heroes team-up and it is in these parts that this issue really sings.  Artist Chris Samnee treats us to some truly memorable panels (including one nearly double page splash) of Daredevil riding the surfer’s board through New York.  That the Surfer is standing on the back commenting like a back seat driver only adds to the sense of fun.

Through the surfer, we learn that this alien being is part of a race of “Guileful manipulators who live to sow discord and malice.”  It is with this in mind that the emotional final page leaves us with more questions than answers.

One thing i really admire about this run is that Waid and Samnee are both credited as the ‘Storytellers’, which is as it should be.  Waid is a master storyteller in his own right, able to couple fun and adventure with true moments of genuine pathos and his being able to call on the skills of Chris Samnee to bring this all to life (as only Samnee can) elevates both writer artist to heady heights of comic-booking delight.  You throw in Javier Rodriguez’s pitch perfect colours and that’s a holy trinity of comic book creators right there.  If you’re not on the Daredevil wagon, this little interlude is a perfect place to jump on board, it’s a lot of fun, trust me.


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