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Half Past Danger

If you’re like me and in your (early) 30’s then movies like Raiders of the lost Ark and Romancing the Stone no doubt hold a special place in your heart.  Rarely has the high adventure, splash of intrigue and dash of romance that was so perfectly captured by those movies of the 1980’s, been replicated since.

Dames. Dinosaurs. Danger.

Dames. Dinosaurs. Danger.

Which is why Stephen Mooney’s new six part comic book series ‘Half Past Danger should strike a cord with you.  This, ladies and gentlemen’ has it all – Dames. Dinosaurs. Danger. One of those words should be enough to pique the interest of that little BMX rider that still lives inside each one of us, but all three in the one comic book is manna from heaven.  The cover is worth the price alone as it evokes classic Sturzan or Amsel movie posters.

Half past danger is the tale of Staff Sgt Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn and his crazy experiences on one remote pacific island during World War 2.  What starts as a seemingly routine recon patrol soon develops into a Spielbergian dash for life. Along the way our hero encounters Nazis and dinosaurs culminating some months later in a good old fashioned throw-down in some back alley New York bar where our hero meets a a mysterious group who try and enlist his help.  I don’t want to go into too many plot specifics because I really think you should go out and buy or download this little gem of a book.  No doubt Mr Mooney had most of you at Dinosaurs anyway.

As to the art? Well it’s just sumptuous. From the verdant lush island locale at the start to the mean streets of New York, Mooney has the penciling chops of the best of them. He has a style all his own, realistic all though still with that sense of fun and in the less kinetic moments his background detailing shows a love for the art form.  Mooney would easily fit in great with either of the big 2’s style (and its a matter of when, not if, they’ll come calling).

The dialogue is natural and flows perfectly, be it the witty banter between the recon patrol or the surly ‘here comes trouble’ attitude we are treated to towards the end.  Mooney was on colouring duties himself for this opening salvo in the series and considering how good it is – I kinda hate the guy for being so talented – my natural Irish begrudgery oozing out 🙂

But seriously folks – buy this first issue. This is  comic book-ing at its finest, like the perfect Saturday matinée movie in comic book form.  In an era when the big 2 seem to have run out of fresh ideas (hey, lets get the superheroes to fight eachother…again) its so refreshing to read something original done so well.  If you were into the likes of the Rocketeer or any of those pulpy period comics, trust me you’ll love this.  It left me with a smile on my face as wide as Michael Douglas’ after he landed face down between Kathleen Turner’s legs in Romancing the Stone.  Now that was Thigh Adventure 😉


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