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How dare Israeli leaders be treated like other leaders

An interesting double standard has been highlighted with the recent kerfuffle over Gerald Scarfe’s cartoon depicting Bibi Netanyahu building a wall, in which is trapped the bloody bodies of Palestinians.

Predictably, there was an outcry from the usual pearl clutchers, who didn’t seem to mind when Scarfe was illustrating similar cartoons about Tony Blair or George W Bush.  No similar outcry over Chris Riddell’s blood soaked Blair. Of course some will say that its the timing of Scarfe’s cartoon that’s the issue, being printed on Holocaust memorial Day, but isn’t that conflating the state of Israel with world Jewry?  Something we’re repeatedly told only anti-semites do.

It is also worth remembering that under Netanyahu illegal settlement building has reached record levels.  And make no mistake, the settlement project is indeed built upon the blood and  indeed freedom of the Palestinians forced off their own land. Palestinian civilians are routinely killed by Israeli occupation troops, but they don’t really merit much of a mention in the major western MSM.  But if one Israeli soldier is captured (not kidnapped, as that’s a patently ridiculous term for a soldier being captured by the enemy) by Palestinian militants, its headline stuff.

Of course one major difference between Netanyahu and Bush or Blair is that the the two latter boyos have never given a speech on a balcony adorned with a banner reading ‘Death to Arabs‘.  Was Gerald Scarfe’s cartoon wrong? Make up your own mind…


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