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Covering his tracks…

Occasionally I will sift through old posts and check any links I have are still working, a bit of blog housekeeping as it were.  Well it seems that one of my recent posts does indeed now contain a dead link.

The post in question is here, and the link which was working, but is now dead is the one towards the bottom contained in the following sentence…

Second – one of Eli Lake’s cheer leaders has leveled an accusation against me on Twitter of employing a fake quote from Theodor Herzl in the above post.

Unfortunately it now appears that the owner of that tweet, instead of admitting he wrongly accused me of employing a false quote (as I demonstrated in the updated section of that post) chose instead to try and cover his tracks by deleting the tweet, lest anyone reading my blog click on the link and see who it was who leveled the false accusation against me.

Unfortunately for him, I was aware of his dishonest nature and thought it might be prudent to capture a screenshot of said tweet.  Now what does it say about that person that instead of holding his hand up and admitting his accusation against me was baseless, chose instead to try and cover his tracks?

I think we can all appreciate the glorious irony of his hash-tagging his now deleted erroneous accusation, with the word ‘integrity’.  If i remember correctly, the person in question is also pursuing a career in law…now now, no laughing at the back 🙂


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