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Israeli Foreign Ministry gets it wrong…and right

The guys over at Mondoweiss have uncovered an Israeli Foreign Ministry book which encourages American Rabbi’s to urge their congregations to support the foremost Israel lobby group in the United States – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  The unsavoury nature of mixing politics and religion aside, what caught my eye was its erroneous description of the Palestinian Authority’s approaching bid at the United Nations to win recognition as a State.  I covered this issue with a post yesterday.  The Israeli Govt’s attempt to portray an undeniably multilateral act as unilateral,  should come as no surprise.

Now I know you might be wondering about the title of this thread and what I mean by it.  Allow me to explain, the following sentences are quotes from page 18 of the booklet

‘Unilateral actions will not lead to peace, but will complicate any peace process.’

‘A unilateral declaration of statehood violates the basic principle of a negotiated peace.

Here, the Israeli Foreign Ministry is completely correct. Unilateral acts will not lead to peaceful resolution of any conflict. But here’s the rub, the present conflict can be directly traced back to a unilateral act…63 years ago, to be precise.  When David Ben-Gurion unilaterally declared the statehood of Israel, against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the population of Palestine.

What grates me about this issue is two-fold.  First the incessant and intellectually dishonest claim that the Palestinian Authority bid at the UN is ‘unilateral’.  Second, the sheer hypocrisy on display when those who are opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state, ignore the unilateral act that created this mess all those years ago.


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